Design Scarf

The design scarf - your fashion knit accessory, premium custom gift or corporate present.

Choose material and size, and design your knit scarf online.

  • Fine gauge knitted scarf
  • Direct factory production in Stuttgart/Germany - WORLDWIDE DELIVERY!
  • Your custom design scarf - no minimums, single pieces with your design made to order
  • The design/pattern/logo/text ist knitted in the scarf, no printing or embroidery
  • Material as displayed. Choose from 100% Merinowool extrafine, 50/50 Merinowool / Acrylic or 100% Acrylic.
  • Choose the size for your design knit scarf.
  • Two colors can be used to design the scarf. These two colors can be picked from the material palette on display.
  • The backside of the design scarf cannot be designed. It is mirror inverted to the front side, the colors are swapped. Text appears mirror inverted on the backside, for patterns, there is different color weighting.

Custom knitted

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