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With the online designer, easily create your scarf design online. Send a custom design you have done in Photoshop, and upload it in the Online Designer, or send it with email.

No matter which way you prefer: please read the following hints to get the best results possible:

1. Keep your design simple and clear
don't try to put in too many details, focus on a clear design and your key message.

2. Don't get too detailed
Football scarves are knitted, not printed or embroidered. Try to use the full size of the scarf for text or your logo.

3. Keep text and logos two pixels away from the edge
This will look better if your design has a little space the breath. Allover patterns and backgrounds can of course fill the whole design space.

4. Contrast color for text or logo edges
Pick a contrasting color for text, logos or cliparts, so they will stand out from the background. This is especially true if you have a lively background pattern.

5. Use four colors or less
Although 5 colors can be knitted in a football scarf, you get better results if you leave out colors not necessary . When in doubt, pick 3 or 4 colors only.

6. No white as plain background
White as plain background will come out kind of "dirty" in the scarf, as the other colors used in the scarf have to be put behind that white and shine through a bit. This effect is also true for light blue and light grey. All other colors are suited much better as background colors.

7. Logo on the edges
Most football scarves have the logos on the edges, rotated by 90 degrees (see image). Thus, the logo is visible when the scarf is in your neck and the edges hang down in front of your breast. Of course, you can design your scarf differently, but more than 90 percent of orders are done this way. So it somehow seems to make sense to most customers.

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Soccer team scarf

100% Acrylic
ca. 145x17cm
100% Acrylic
ca. 145x17cm
* incl. tax, plus shipping