Custom scarf: the top fan merchandise

Fans express their affiliation with their favorite club colorful and expressive: have a look at their colors, and see to whom they belong. Probably the most popular merchandise, not only in football, is the scarf. It is practical and immediately shows which team you are cheering for. It is available not only for sports clubs, or teams, but also with the insignia of your country.You will bring this merchandise for international matches, too

Soccer scarves - fans love them

The first advantage of a scarf is that you are not likely to loose it. In a MLS or NFL football stadium, it is probably worn around the neck most of the time, and so you don't have to worry about this anymore. On other occasions, you can help friends to carry a crate of beer, because you have your hands free, when an important match is pending. As subtle knitted accessory, the scarf can be worn outside of the stadium as well, because it keeps you warm and is a way to commit to your favorite team in every day life. Of course, this holds true not only for football, but for other sports fan articles alike.
Meeting other fans and supporters on the road or at a NHL game, the ice is immediately broken and you have already found the first topic of conversation. The scarf is suitable for everyday use, and thus in (almost) any inappropriate situation, whether you're going away with friends, are looking forward to a date or a job interview. What a lovely occasion to wear a soccer scarf: you can only hope for your designated boss is not fan of the local contender.

Knitted jacquard football scarves

Scarves can be made with different techniques. Because they have to endure a lot, you should opt for a style that will last not just for a few days, but will provide joy opf fanhood for a longer time. Knitted scarves are the perfect solution because they are made of one piece, are durable - no matter how wild the fan block will party an cheer. Keep wearing your team scarf all the time, they are still good, even if mangled or pulled on occasionally.

YNWA Schal

The Football Fan item with your logo

The logo and emblem of your club is knitted in. This ensures that they do not fade with time, as it can happen with printed scarves and shawls.
Even if some beers are spilled over it, the scarf can be washed without hesitation - the design is knitted and will survive the laundry for sure. Very handy for merchandise: knitted scarves are heavy takers, they usually look good for years to come. The scarves are produced in Germany.

100% Acrylic
ca. 145x17cm
* incl. tax, plus shipping