Personal scarves

For all those who like custom clothing, a custom scarf with your design is the next big thing. Printed fan merchandise like tshirts, posters or mugs don't are old fashioned compared to a custom knitted scarf. The scarf with knit in design let's you have your own knitwear accessoire, while you don't have to knit for yourself.

The personal design scarf is something really special. To have an easy start with your design, you can choose from different templates, and add text, cliparts or uploaded files and designs to it. The design is knit in the scarf, not printed or embroidered. This is how the next generation merchandising looks like. Even photos can be part of the design, to be knitted in the scarf as your personal photo scarf.

The custom neckwarmer as personal gift

Of course, you also have the possibility to create a very personal and unique Germany knit scarf , which also contains in addition to the colors black, red and gold your personal text. The fine knit scarves are exclusive and are made ​​with the custom artwork.

Wildemasche offers a lot of possibilities, for inspiration when designing. When searching for an individual gift for your best friend, or a special occasion, you will surely find the matching pattern and colors. As a gift idea, this will surely hit the spot and be a complete success. Although youz did not knit the scarf by yourself, imagine the surprise of the recipient when given his personal neckwarmer with team name. The design can go right across the whole scarf surface, a huge advantage compared to printing a scarf. There, often only a small corner at the end of the scarf can be personalized.

Easy scarf: design, wear and care

The order is usually produced and shipped within approximately one week. Using Paypal is the easiest and quickest way to pay. Overmore, the scarf is easy to clean and can be maintained with a washing machine or hand wash wool program either. For drying, you can simply hang dry.

Knit scarf for cosy warmth

About all the details for the pattern, design and so on, please don't forget the warmth this scarf gives his owner. The knitted loops are perfect against wind, weather and cold frosty days. In a pinch, the scarf can be worn down twice, or knotted front, as you like. The personal touch is underlined by its own design. In addition, the colors contribute to individuality, which can be selected for each design from the knit scarf color palette. The wool blend makes the knitted scarf a special kind of pleasurable accessory

100% Wool
ca. 175x25cm
100% Acrylic
ca. 190x25cm
* incl. tax, plus shipping